How impactful website design helped a Infrastructure development company 4 times more than the expected Initial Public Offering (IPO) subscriptions! within a cramped timeline


Shradha Infrastructure is a firm known for constructing landmark projects and stimulating development and growth. The company had reached out to us to develop their entire website from the start. This project included content creation along with website design and development. The tricky part here was that they had provided us with very little time to deliver the website. The reason for this cramped timeline was the nearing date of their Initial Public Offering (IPO) launch. They were hoping to attract investors for it and wanted an informative website in place for them. And our team was hoping for an extra pair of hands to be able to meet such difficult timeline.

Client and Story




The project came to us at the last minute!

Developing a website from the scratch is a task that needs quite some time and a lot of creative brainstorming. But this project came to us in the nick of the time and we were forced to shrink and expedite our entire creative process.


Acquiring information for website’s content was tricky

We needed a lot of distinct content to develop an informative website and there was no singular source to get the required information. We had to reach out to multiple departments for varying content pillars and the task a quite a hassle.

To create a content-rich website

We aspired to draft content that was informative and absorbing simultaneously. We knew that content was the key to attract investors and get them interested in the company and its vision.

To develop an aesthetical website

It goes without saying that we aspired to design a seamless user interface for the website. Readable, engrossing, and quality design has always been our priority.

To facilitate the company’s IPO to be amply subscribed

The client had approached us before their IPO launch so that we could provide a digital impetus to its subscription. And we were driven to facilitate ample subscription by creating an impeccable digital presence.

User Research

The end-user in this project was the future investors. To attract and cater to the investors, was the main motive behind the sudden and hurried development of this website.

Roles & Responsibilities

Our job was content creation, designing, and development of the website. The company had no digital presence whatsoever and we were in charge of building it from scratch. And we had to deliver all this in a very small time frame.


UX Design

We are of the belief that end user is the centre and guiding force of any good UX design. An when we get to creating positive user experience, we gauge it by making sure that the end user can easily find relevant information that motivates them into a desirable action. Relevant information here was to effectively communicate the scope of this organisation and action was an IPO subscription. With this clarity in our objective we jumped on to the drawing board.

We began with constructing user flows by penning down extensive mind maps. We choreographed seamless user journeys throughout multiple pages of the website.

Low Fidelity Wireframing

Next we jumped onto creating detailed wireframes for the distinct pages. After our wireframes had laid out a basic layout of the website, we went on to develop prototypes.

Hi Fidelity Visual Design

We were focused on keeping the user interface accessible and easily readable. We wanted the navigation around the website to be intuitive and were aiming for the visuals to be eye-ball grabbing, to a certain extent. To facilitate this we had kept the background airy and light. The website was structured effectively and we employed graphics to further a positive user experience.


We had very little time to develop the website and we unanimously decided to publish it on WordPress. One major reason behind this decision was that WordPress was open-source, and had a lot of tutorials and guides available easily. The platform would also facilitate that the website was both scalable and long-term. And finally, a WordPress website was easy to maintain and was the perfect choice for such time-constrained situation.

Standout Achievement

We had designed a clean and effective website interface with an efficient and simple user journey. The content created by us was crisp and informative. The website checked all the design goals we had aspired to meet.

We were able to develop an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website in a very strict time frame. The website went on to sustain substantial traffic later on and boasted of a lower bounce rate.


Shradha Infraproject ltd's IPO went on to be oversubscribed by




Our association with Zuku has had an immensely positive impact on our company. Our initial offerings to subscriptions opened up at a much higher rate than we expected and left us all awestruck and excited. Although doubtful at first, we were soon relieved by the remarkable professionalism and work ethic that the team displayed. Seeing the team work imbued a new sense of trust in us. In the first few months, we knew that their efforts were going to bear worthy fruits.

Sunil Raisoni

Shradha Infraprojects Ltd.

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