Journey From

Human to Visual


A stepping stone leads to success and success is a far stretched programme. We began our journey with our own product “” and well, we failed. Which not only gave us an idea on how to work on a product but also how failure nurtures the drive to be successful. With the lessons learnt and sweat and blood poured we began strategizing for our clients.


With the teamwork of a handful of enthusiastic and diligent personalities, we gave birth to Buzo Media Services. In the coming years, we will have served 500+ clients and created 400+ user experiences from around the world to shine brightly like diamonds for ourselves and our clients. It was nothing but a hell lot of pride to be the only Google partner in Nagpur with expertise that delivered nothing but the best. We partnered with any industry you could name, which included but was not limited to pharma, healthcare, automobiles, agriculture, utilities, and hospitality.


After years of hardwork and constant deliverance of glory we got the chance to fulfill a complete UX experience for a web app. Smart Safety Alert was not only an affluence but it also ended up winning awards for being the “Best Startup” in New York.


The scope to grow never stopped and our team worked even harder in the coming times. We not only grew as individuals in the team but also brought in a lot more effort and endurance to be the best in the market. By the year 2019 we had completed 1000+ screen prototypes.


By the year 2020 we had more work on our plate than ever. We started growing in a very high pace. So much so that it was time to grow our team limitlessly. It not only brought and boosted the quality of work, We were also able to deliver to more clients with absolute quantity and glorious quality.


It was about time that Zuku got its own identity and it very well did. In 2021 Zuku was registered as a legal entity that provided reliable, transparent and good quality products. And there we set on yet another journey to be excellent.


With a full fledged team working, growing and delivering astonishing products at a good pace. We wake up everyday with an urge to do better than yesterday. Let’s see what tomorrow holds for us.

They choose us.

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