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ui ux design agency in india
ui ux design agency in india

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Zuku manages frontend development tools that allow developers to quickly create and iterate on web applications. It provides a simple and efficient way to manage the front-end code and makes it easy to test and deploy changes.

What we Offer

Front-End Services

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Front-end Architecture & Design
We keep in mind the architecture and design to create a seamless and intuitive user experience. Every aspect of the product is considered, from the initial user interface to the final product. The goal is to make Zuku's products as easy to use as possible so that users can focus on their work without any clutter.
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Responsive Design
We put the utmost focus on implementing a responsive design. This means that our designs automatically adjust to look great on any screen size, from a small phone to a large desktop monitor. We also make sure that our designs are compatible with all major browsers so that your users will have a consistent experience regardless of which browser they use.
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HTML5/ CSS Development
We cater to top-notch HTML5 and CSS development that guarantees our clients a visually appealing and user-friendly website. With years of experience in the industry, we have the know-how to create websites that are both responsive and visually appealing.
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Micro Front End Development
With the micro front-end development process, we ensure that each client receives a unique and visually appealing user interface that leaves a good user experience. By working closely with our clients, Zuku is able to understand their specific needs and create a front-end solution that meets all of their expectations.


Tools we use

ui ux design agency in india
ui ux design agency in india
ui ux design agency in india
ui ux design agency in india

Front End Development Process

ui ux design agency in india


We commence every project by developing an all-around understanding of your business goals, your specific requirements.

ui ux design agency in india


Conducting extensive research about your competitors .

ui ux design agency in india


Once the research is over, there's nothing left to do but get all in and develop a highly personalized product.

ui ux design agency in india


Once the high fidelity version is ready everything is tried and tested. The testing process complies of testing how the final website would behave realistically.

ui ux design agency in india


It is important to keep the website up to date and smoothly running for the users to have a hassle free experience everytime they visit the website.

ui ux design agency in india

Reason Why

Front End is a key

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Web App. UI/UX Design.

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ui ux design agency in india

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Customer Stories

“We had an ambitious ask from this small team of creatives. To get us digitally ready for our IPO launch. We expected to have a decent website ready before the process, but we were in for a surprise of a lifetime! Team Zuku-X had, like magicians, completely revamped our digital presence despite strict timeline. Our IPOs ended up being oversubscribed eventually and this team had a major role to play in this unprecedented success.”
Aditya Bhandari
Global Education Ltd.
“Our association with Zuku has had an immensely positive impact on our company. Our initial offerings to subscriptions opened up at a much higher rate than we expected and left us all awestruck and excited. Although doubtful at first, we were soon relieved by the remarkable professionalism and work ethic that the team displayed. Seeing the team work imbued a new sense of trust in us. In the first few months, we knew that their efforts were going to bear worthy fruits.”
Sunil Raisoni
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd.
“Ankit and ZukuX has been working with us since the past 6+ years now. We started off when we were young and growing and over the years our relationship has gone beyond professional. Ankit and ZukuX ensure that their relationships are built on trust and honesty and they deliver on those values faithfully. My team and I are impressed by their work and commitment to perfection and hope to achieve great feats with our alliance.”
Dhiraj Bhagat
“I can’t thank team Zukux enough for The Live Nagpur. This was my passion project but I had no working knowledge of fleshing out this idea on a digital platform. Team was sensitive to my lacking in the area and they not only designed and published the website but guided me as it became one of the most popular websites in the Nagpur region. Also anticipated the subsequent development of a mobile application early on and gave us a kick start in the field.”
Himanshu Pandit
The Live Nagpur
“Since Corono hit, we started this startup, it was extremely important for us that we develop our website which was effective and communicative. This had to be done in a very short span of time because time was of the essence. After talking to Zuku, we were extremely comfortable that they will deliver their work on time and so they did. We have had a multifold growth after we had our website was in place and our work started. We now employ many people.”
Yogesh Khurana
Corona Sanitization
ui ux design agency in india

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