How we built a high-performance and compelling lead generating website!


Corona Sanitization was a website design and development project with an excessively condensed timeline. And on top of that, it was a result-oriented lead generation website. We amalgamated the best designing and development practices to churn out a high performing end product. The website started to see a high volume of visitors soon after going live. And the number of leads generated kept soaring week after week. They still continue to grow till date!

Client and Story

In the year 2020, the coronavirus jolted the entire world. Concepts like face covering, social distancing, sanitization, and fumigation struck us all like bolts of lightning. Corona Sanitization was an attempt to step up in those challenging times to offer an urgent solution. The Corona Sanitization team offered sanitization and fumigation services for both residential and commercial spaces. Their expectations from the website? To generate relevant leads, and to generate those super-fast!


Overcoming The




conundrum with Experience Designing

The website was built with a no-nonsense objective. To generate relevant leads. This crucial ask is what makes this case study interesting. We had to walk on a tight rope while striking a perfect balance between creativity and application. Most design processes are biased towards expressing themselves creatively through awestriking designs. But when the objective of a project is heavily result-oriented, (like in this one the aim was solely to garner leads) the applicability becomes a forerunner. And the creative depth of design aesthetics has to be tuned to exactly match the psychographics of the end-user. This decision is driven by intuition which comes only to perceptive and experienced designers. And we are utilizing this section of the case-study to dissect deeper into the concepts of experienced designing

To begin with, experienced designing is a wisdom trait that comes from the understanding that website designing is not solely a creative art form, but rather a creative art form that stands on cornerstones of applicability and usability. To put it differently, we can say that beautiful, or exceptionally unconventional websites are not necessarily brilliant websites. To quote the advertising genius David Ogilvy, the man who would garner leads like a wizard,

“I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information. When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

The beauty of this quote is that it holds true for any form of creation that is done with the objective of swaying people into customers. So, when it comes to creating websites it is important that the end-user steers the design and developing team in their every decision. If the end-user is not very tech-savvy then a highly out of the box design can be disastrous. Deriving insight from the leading E-Commerce website, Amazon. You'd agree that it is not the most beautiful website out there but the reason people continue to prefer it over other online stores is its exceptionally simplified usability and applicability.

End-user Specific

easy to navigate

focus on the services

So how did the rules of experienced design guide us while working on this project? We focused on the end-user and the situation they'd be in while looking for fumigation and sanitization services. We also factor in the ongoing pandemic and the user's psyche during it. These preliminary pointers made it evident that the website had to be concise, easy to navigate, focus on the services, and should actively guide users to the lead form. We dialed down urges to conjure unconventional or excessively innovative sections to not overwhelm the audience. And the result was a short but effective website that delivered what it had set out to do! Getting lots of leads, garnering a tremendous acceptance rate among the leads, and converting those into effective buyers.


John Doe

I need a way to develop a new modern skill in my field of work as soon as possible

26, Engineer


John Doe is an educational consultancy firm, and they had reached out to us for redesigning their website. But, what distinguished this project from a regular redesigning job was the reason behind it. The company planned to launch an Initial Public Offering and wanted to revamp the website to appeal to and attract potential investors.


Pain points


Social Media



The website needed to be made live very quickly, giving us a microscopic time frame.

Time was of the essence with this project. The client needed to get the website up and running very quickly. We were looking at only a couple of days for both designing and development.


Drafting content within the already scanty timeline.

Along with the website’s design, we were supposed to write the entire content. The content had to be crisp, effective, informative, and had to invoke people into filling up lead forms!

To get leads, more leads and then even more!

Oh, did we mention that our goal was to get more leads? Well, that was a combined goal for us and the client. We wanted to design and develop a website that had an exceptionally high acceptance rate and would guarantee tremendous traffic and subsequently leads.

To make a design that would actively solve a problem.

With the spread of COVID 19, there was an increasing need for community sanitizations, and we wanted to plug this rising demand into a prompt solution. We wanted to reach a wider population base with the help of an efficient website.

Roles & Responsibilities

Our job was designing, developing, and writing content for the website. User research, which included us interviewing people, and creating distinct personas to understand the website design flow was also our responsibility. And we had to deliver all this in a very small time frame.


UX Design

We believe that the end-user is the centre and guiding force of any good UX design. And when we get to creating a positive user experience, we gauge it by making sure that the end-user can easily find relevant information that motivates them into a desirable action. Relevant information here was to effectively communicate about the services, to mention the regulations and guidelines followed to harness trust, and to make the journey to the lead form prompt. With this clarity in our objective, we jumped onto the drawing board. We began with constructing user flows by penning down extensive mind maps.


Next, we jumped onto creating detailed wireframes for the distinct pages. After our wireframes had laid out a basic layout of the website, we went on to develop prototypes.
After testing and validating our high fidelity prototypes, we had a fair idea of the final version of the website and it was time to jump into the UI part of the design process!

UI Design

We were focused on keeping the user interface accessible and easily readable. We wanted the navigation around the website to be intuitive and were aiming for the visuals to be engrossing, to a certain extent. To facilitate this we had kept the background airy and light. The website was structured effectively, and we employed graphics to further a positive user experience.


We had very little time to develop the website, and we unanimously decided to publish it on WordPress. The reason being that our core strength was developing WordPress-based websites, and only our seasoned WordPress Developers could assure an on-time development. Another big reason behind this decision was that WordPress was open-source and had numerous tutorials and guides available. The platform would also facilitate that the website was both scalable and long-term. And finally, a WordPress website was easy to maintain and was the perfect choice for such a time-constrained situation.


It's hard to point out one outstanding achievement for this project. Because there are just so many! We'll begin with one challenge that we anticipated while taking up this project. And that was doubtlessly, the scanty timeline. And to the astonishment of the client, and a certain extent even us, we made the website live in just two days!

Moving onto the next milestone. This a lead generating website, so needless to say that the number of leads was a KPI (Key Performing Index). And we delivered mind-blowing results for this one as well. The website started to generate leads soon after going live. It has garnered more than 1000 leads till now. What's even magnificent is the high conversion rate of the leads. It is amazing to witness that consistently more than 10 per cent of the leads get converted into buyers! That’s nothing short of a magnificent conversion rate.

Huge, right? But there is more! Owing to the website’s unbelievable success the company which was operational in only one city i.e. Nagpur expanded into eight different cities! We'll wrap this case study with another high note. The website continues to see high traffic and still acquires a high number of leads.

Website was Live in 2 Days!

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Since Corono hit, we started this startup, it was extremely important for us that we develop our website which was effective and communicative. This had to be done in a very short span of time because time was of the essence. After talking to Zuku, we were extremely comfortable that they will deliver their work on time and so they did. We have had a multifold growth after we had our website was in place and our work started. We now employ many people.
We are extremely pleased with their services and we are collaborating with them on multiple other projects that we are working on.

Yogesh Khurana

Corona Sanitization

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